Geography of Vojvodina (Serbian spelling) / Wojwodina (German spelling)


Vojvodina is an autonomic Province in Serbia with the capital city: Novi Sad. The rivers Danube, Theiss and Save flow through Vojvodina which also divide the province into the regions of Syrmia, Banat and Batschka. The river Theiss flows by Slankamen, near Belgrade, into the Danube. Lovcenac (Sekitsch) and Feketitsch are located in the “bread basket” of Serbia. This grain and corn rich region was in the early history known as the Pannonian Basin. Subotica is located 60 kilometers north of Sekitsch/Feketisch and Novi Sad lies 60 km to  the south. The countries Hungary, Romania and Croatia border Vojvodina, which has little industry but a very rich humus soil.

Today Vojvodina is more or less a poor region with unlimited vastness.

The only elevation of Vojvodina is found in Syrmia, the hills of „Fruska Gora“. Highest point ca 500 meters. To the east, near Vrsac, are the foothills of the Carpathian mountain range, with the highest elevation in Vojvodina of ca 640 meters, Guduricki vrh.