Sekitsch - Feketitsch - Hedjesch today

A wonderful, advanced and applied nomenclature (name index). All town names are in use in the German, Hungarian or Serbian language.

Sekitsch (german)-Lovćenac (serbian)
Feketitsch (german)-Bacfeketeheyg (hungarian) Feketić (serbian)
Hedjesch (german)-Kishegyes (hungarian) Mali Iđoš (serbian)

Deutsch – German; serbisch – Serbian; ungarisch - Hungarian

The formerly independent municipalities Sekitsch, Feketitsch and Hedjesch have been incorporated into one city: Mali Idjos. Each borough has its own mayor and its own council.

Mali Iđoš
from Juni 2013 Mr. Marko Rovcanin . Mayor of Mali Idjos
Tel.-Nr.: 00381/24/730003  telphone contact  - website

Inhabitants living on ca 31 sq miles borough land: 5500, 85% of population is of Hungarian ancestry

Lovćenac (todays name for Sekitsch)
Mayor of Lovcenac Mr. Marko Rovcanin.
Tel.Nr. 00381/24/735022  telephone contact

The population, living on ca 17sq miles of borough land, consists mostly of people of  Montenegrian ancestry, as well as Serbs from Bosnia and Hercegovina who were settled there in 1960. An additional settlement wave took place after 1992 and brought mostly refugees from Bosnia.

Mr. Bela Bojtos, mayor of village
Tel.-Nr.: 00381/24/738040  telephone contact

Population: 4000 – borough area ca 23 sq miles. 70% of population is of Hungarian ancestry. The remaining 30% consists of Montenegrian, Serbian and Roma ancestry.

Feketic is mainly known for its vineyards and cherry orchards as well as its cherry brandy